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Video Editing Before and After
Video Editing Showreel

Whether it’s a showreel, a book or movie trailer, a music video, or a record of a special event such as a wedding, B C Webb Media will give you a finished product you’ll be proud to watch and share*.

Whatever your choice,  B C Webb Media is here to help.


*As per Terms & Conditions

Why use us

Why use us?:

  • We will keep you informed every step of the way

  • LGBTQ+ safe place

  • Various payment methods

  • No obligation consultation/quote

  • Mainly digital

  • Champagne quality for beer prices

  • Create a video as unique as you are

  • Worldwide services

  • Personalised service through email or zoom.

  • Flexible hours


Are you on a tight wedding budget and want to forgo the expense of a traditional wedding videographer/ photographer? Why not get the ones you love to take videos and photographs of your wedding and send them to us at B C Webb Media, where we will make them into one beautiful short film.

Musc video

Have you recorded a track and would like a great music video to go with it? Maybe you've recorded a video yourself and need it editing? Or perhaps you'd like a music video made out of stock footage, or a combination of both? Then here at B C Webb Media, we can edit it all together and make one fantastic looking video for you to showcase your talent.

Book Trailer

Have you just written an amazing new book and want to make it stand out from the crowd? Do you have the footage already filmed and don’t know what to do with it or want an effective trailer made out of stock footage? Here at B C Webb Media, we can take that footage and produce an eye-catching promo video.


Are you an actor who needs a showreel to show off your best work for potential call-backs on auditions? Or perhaps an existing showreel that just needs updating? Send us the footage and we will craft it into a star vehicle that will make you shine.

And More...

This is just the beginning! Not all projects will fit into the above categories. Is yours one? Get in touch - we may be able to help you.




Simple 10 min video.

Starts from £260

Music Video:

 Simple video with the customer providing the footage.

Starts from £175

Book Trailers:

Simple video with the customer providing the footage.

Starts from £140


Simply video with customer providing exact footage they wish to appear in their showreel.

Starts from £70

Other Videos:

If you have any other videos that you would like us to edit that is not mentioned above, please contact us to discuss pricing. 

How it works

How it works


Sometimes, it might be an hour or so’s worth of footage to go through. Other times, it might be an absolute sea of footage! Either way, at this stage of the process, it’s essential to go through every single minute of it to find the parts you want in your final video. Don’t worry about being put on the spot for a decision, however. We’re happy to send you a rough cut to enable you to make the changes that will best serve the finished product.
At this stage, we put together all the chosen footage to create that rough cut. Based on the content, the running order will be created to give the best possible finish and show off each clip to its best advantage. Sometimes, this stage may need some additional adjustments to enhance either colour and/or sound.



Once the rough cut is done, it will be sent to you for your approval. This is when changes can be made. We encourage clients to be as detailed as possible when describing any revisions. 
The number of revisions that can be made will vary from project to project, based upon previously agreed terms -  rate/package chosen.
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T.H., Author

I’m really pleased with the two book trailers B C Webb Media did for me. The trailers were slick and super professional-looking. The turnaround was quick and extremely reasonably priced. They were also very friendly and created the videos to my specifications. I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone who wants a highly polished product without it costing an arm and a leg!

C.W., Actor

Brian has created 2 showreels for me and I have been absolutely delighted with his work.

I sent him some clips from previous films that I had worked on and he carefully chose which to use and put them in order to create a reel with a beginning to grab your attention, and a narrative through to the end, and labelled it so the watcher knows who they are looking at.  He’s professional and efficient and I would have no hesitation in recommending him.

That's perfect!! Thanks!! Very professional. I'd love to get more done soon. It’s brilliant to now have a proper video to go with a proper song!

SuperFreak, Musician



B C Webb Media

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